Oh boy! This question, huh ? I cannot tell you how many times have I read or heard this question in gyms, swimming pools, and even goddamn pubs, yes pubs ! I don’t blame you for asking this question, I understand why you are so confused with all these, ironically speaking, websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and other sources of communication where people provide us with alternatives means of knowledge. ‘Whey protein’, ‘no, mate, creatine is the best’, ‘What !? Are you daft? Everybody knows that THE BEST supplement on the market is protein milk because it contains all of the necessary nutrients which promote muscle growth’. Keep in mind, I’ve genuinely heard the last one!

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Good morning, day, or night depending on where you are located. It’s been a while since I’ve written something on this blog for which I am truly sorry. As I am drinking my favorite cup of tea, green tea, I decided that I will write a short and informative article¬†discussing one of my favorite topics of all time “How to lose fat and preserve our muscle mass ?”.

This question has baffled the minds of many beginner bodybuilders, even mine.

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Sprinter Vs. Marathoner

I am really a big A-Hole for not posting content on this blog constantly. But, I hope you guys do understand that for a student to complete this task is actually really hard. Before I start this article I would like thank you guys for all the positive feedback that I’ve been getting. You guys are amazing !

Anyway, enough jibber jabber let’s get started.

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L-Carnitine – How to boost your fat loss


We all hate those last couple of pounds of fat that just do not want to leave our bodies. You try out everything: you lower carbs, you lower fats, you lower calories in general, and yet you just cannot get rid of it. In the end, you are left with the confusing disappointment.Well rest assured there is nothing to worry about. The answer your troubles is L-Carnitine! Read the rest of this entry

BODYBUILDING MOTIVATION: If you stop trying, you will stop winning !


Hi there. I know how hard it is to keep your motivation hard and running. So that is exactly why I wanted to help you out by making this article with all of the best bodybuilding motivational quotes and motivational pictures on the internet. I hope you’ll enjoy em’ as much as I do and don’t forget to leave your honest opinion down in the comments!

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